Video: Journey Video Parody Final Cut

By | February 11, 2010

For those who remember my recent post about my summer working on a web series, here are some end results.

The comedic “Air Band”, Sex Hair does a remake of the classic video from the 80s: ‘Separate Ways” by Journey.  All 88 shots were story boarded to match the original video. This video was shot in the Summer of 2009 on a weekend that went well over 100 degrees.  Hats off to Understory Productions of Eugene, OR for the time and effort put into the video.

For those interested The series we’re working on is a comedy sitcom called Sex Hair. Sex Hair is a band that seems somewhat bent on the 80s. Interestingly, Sex Hair is an Air Band who never seems to get the professionalism of being ‘in the industry’ quite right. Their rival band called the Gloryholes seem to have it more together than they do, being a thorn in their side at every turn.

Season 1 follows the band as they work up to compete in the town’s battle of the (air) bands contest. The winning band receives a brand spanking new tour bus to haul around the band’s air equipment.

We’re back on track and the website will be launching shortly @ and on twitter at @sexhairseries.

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