Web Series: Pioneer One

By | February 19, 2011

Pioneer One is a web series that is gaining a lot of momentum with the drama and sci-fi fanbases alike.  The creators initially raised $6000 for the pilot through the funding site Kickstarter.com.    Within the first week the pilot episode had been downloaded 420,000 times, 170,000 more downloads than predicted.  Distributed through vodo, bit-torrent and Vimeo,  the pilot was featured at the New York Television Festival and won Best Dramatic Series. They are gearing up to release episodes 3 and 4.  And I have to say it’s a must watch.  the production is impressive given the low budget and the story itself as with the acting are on par with a larger flick.

From the website:
A mysterious spaceship enters Earth’s atmosphere, spreading radiation over hundreds of miles of rural Montana. Officials are quick to bring up the possibility of a terrorist attack, specifically the detonation of a dirty bomb, but an investigation of the debris in Canada uncovers a live human being in a Soviet space suit in an unstable condition. A note handwritten in Russian found at the crash site says that the man is the child of cosmonauts living at a base on Mars.

Check them out at: http://www.pioneerone.tv/

I’d also highly recommend sending some cash their way after you buy me a beer for telling you about such a great series.

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