Linux Command Line Tools for CMD.EXE

By | February 9, 2014

For me, I find the linux command line like a second home.   When I’m on Windows, I find that I live in CMD.EXE a majority of the time —  I usually always have a command prompt open.   Aside from everything about Windows that drives me insane on a regular basis, I find the command prompt almost useless by itself, especially when compared to linux.

How often do you hop on a windows command prompt and type ‘ls’  instead of ‘dir’?   Somewhere along the way I started collecting small collections of Linux tools that run in the windows command prompt.     Every few months someone else asks if I can send them my archive of tools as they don’t want to deal with msys or cygwin… These are from various sources over the years, including various collections of others.

The full list of programs included in the archive is here:

Download the archive here:

Just add it to your path environment variable.

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    Still living the command line I see. heh – Suppose that’s what makes Shafe, Shafe.

    Had to stop by and give you a shout. I’ll try to do so more often and throw a few ideas your way for “Picks”.

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