I started writing software back in the days of Dialup BBS systems. In 1991 I turned this into TNL Systems and started selling this software. I made about $20 every 6 months.

In 1994 I started with IBM Corporation. Around 1997 I founded TNL Total Solutions and was able to take advantage of the Dot.com boom which was only just beginning. During this time I did work for many fortune 500 companies and was involved in several dot com ventures. I was also owner of a web hosting company during this time and a short lived game hosting company.

Presently I am president of TNL Total Solutions, an enterprise that I started some time ago.

Here’s are a bunch of things about me each in one sentence or less.

1. I’m kind of a geek.

2. I don’t align myself with either of the two political parties.

3. The world would be better if everyone could live their lives based on mutual respect instead of being self serving and greedy.

4. I was born in 1973 and am A Gemini.

5. I find astrology amusing and with no basis in fact.

6. I enjoy making homebrew.. but I dont do it nearly enough anymore.

7. I know more than 10 computer programming languages, but can only speak english.

8. I moved out of my parents house and lived on my own at age 15.

9. I can’t stand sports – but I am heterosexual.

10. I’ve been hellbent of changing the world since I can remember.

11. I’ve only just recently became really bitter and jaded, likely because of #10.

12. I do enjoy playing video games. First Person Shooters to be specific.

13. I love to play music, although I will never be in a band again.

14. I DO have hobbies that don’t involve alcohol.

15. **deleted when sober**

17. I have a home business that I did exclusively for 10 years.

18. Working from home is overrated.

19. I’m terrible with names, but tend to remember faces.

20. Midwestern rednecks and hillbillies amuse me, but I’ve never been one.

21. I’ve written a book, had it published, which is still available on amazon.com

22. I used to run a fairly large book distribution/publishing outfit. Publishing a dozen or so titles, distributing over 800. This operation took up my entire 2 bedroom apt, I slept on the couch as there was no room for a bed.

23. I was suspended and/or expelled from high school more than a dozen times.

24. I’ve been a lot of places, aside from parts of europe, I like where I live now the best. (Oregon).

25. The past 2 times I’ve been to the hospital I’ve woken up naked, all hopped up on morphine with no idea what just happened.

26. I don’t have kids.

27. My myspace page is none of your business.

28. I don’t have any std’s.

29. I don’t date co-workers.. But then again I don’t really ‘date’.

30. I don’t sleep around….. much.

31. I hate it when people tell me they weren’t born yesterday. That lie would only make them 1 day old.

34. I’ve been vegetarian since 1992. Imagine how many times I’ve had the whole ‘why are you vegetarian’ conversation since 1992.

35. It’s true, I used to get drunk and show my ass every chance I got. Now that I’m getting old and losing my ass, so I just show my belly.

36. The only god I believe in is the Guald.

37. #36 was a joke and a reference to a television show.

38. I only watch about 3 television shows. They are all on cable which I don’t choose to do, so I download them all. I haven’t turned on broadcast television in a very long time.

39. I’m an athiest. Religions have too many crazy fucking idiots associated with them.

40. I am currently ummm NOT looking.

41. I hate being the ‘3rd person’, hanging out with a clingy couple.

42. I’ve met several “famous” people and was never that impressed.

43. I placed a personal ad on behalf of my ex and documented the responses and posted it on the internet.

44.I used to be really good at proper grammer, proofreading and copy editing..  With the age of new technology and grammer checkers I just don’t care.

45.I used to be smart once. My history of relationships prove that to be a very long time ago.

46. I’m fairly socially retarded. Hense the reason why I drink.

47. Even though my social skills are lacking, I try to live every moment as if it’s last call.

48. I’ve never owned a piece of clothing with spikes or studs.

49. I stockpiled supplies for Y2K. I also picked up the phone to see if it worked at 12:01am 01-01-2000.

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  1. Jacquie

    on # 29…bull poo you took me on a date.. hee hee

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