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THE BREWERY DISTRICT Trailer: A story of a neighborhood turned tourist attraction

I’ve been filming/editing/researching this for several years… happy to finally come up with a trailer. Enjoy: This is a teaser for a documentary in the works about a neighborhood in Eugene, OR called the Whiteaker. The Brewery District is an upcoming documentary about the drastic changes to the Whiteaker neighborhood from 2011 through 2015. The… Read More »

Introducing Shafe’s Picks

As some of you regulars have noticed, I’ve cut back on some of the posts on the odd and interesting things that people are trying to sell on the internet. But fear not, I’ve been compiling these and making a comprehensive list of these oddities. With that, I’m happy to introduce Shafe’s Picks.  A site… Read More »

Web Series: Pioneer One

Pioneer One is a web series that is gaining a lot of momentum with the drama and sci-fi fanbases alike.  The creators initially raised $6000 for the pilot through the funding site    Within the first week the pilot episode had been downloaded 420,000 times, 170,000 more downloads than predicted.  Distributed through vodo, bit-torrent… Read More »

Help Mom, There are liberals under the bed!

Kids Book??? In case you missed this monstrosity, I present to you Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed! Kill me now…. From the description on This full-color illustrated book is a fun way for parents to teach young children the valuable lessons of conservatism. Written in simple text, readers can follow along… Read More »

Yahoo Branding Fail

The brand managers at Yahoo are genius… (sarcasm). I just got an email from Yahoo that started out like this: Dear Yahoo! Calendar and Yahoo! Notepad Customer, Yahoo! Calendar Beta will soon be renamed “All-New Yahoo! Calendar,” and Yahoo! Notepad Beta will soon be renamed “All-New Yahoo! Notepad.”…. Seems worthy of a mass email, don’t… Read More »

Web Series: Arc

Television hasn’t been making my Sci-Fi fix lately, and being a fan of web series in general I was happy to stumble across Arc.  The last great sci-fi web series I stumbled across was Afterworld.  This is a few steps above. With a $50k budget, and some bigger names in it.  This really makes the… Read More »

Awesome Web Series Afterworld

Gotten through about 10 of these, animated yet a very compelling and well done story. Well over 100 episodes this looks worth watching all of. AFTERWORLD is about a man – Russell Shoemaker – who awakens to discover that more than 99.9% of the population has disappeared, and that all technology has mysteriously shut down.… Read More »

Punk Rock Martha Stewart Web Series

Punk Rock Martha Stewart is a webseries that I star in as well as produce.  While the series ended production in mid 2015, there are several episodes still slated for release. The series has a new home on the site of another project I operate: Watch all of the episodes here: