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Introducing Shafe’s Picks

As some of you regulars have noticed, I’ve cut back on some of the posts on the odd and interesting things that people are trying to sell on the internet. But fear not, I’ve been compiling these and making a comprehensive list of these oddities. With that, I’m happy to introduce Shafe’s Picks.  A site… Read More »

Bad Translations

A friend of mine bought an ipod clone online. He got it from http://www.mp3playerbuying.com (which isn’t loading for me now).. The place was in china. The paypal account he paid to was a US account from a different company, the confirmation came from yet a different company and it was shipped from yet another company.… Read More »

iPhone App: Logitech Touchmouse

I’ve been shopping around for a remote control for my PC for the past 3 or 4 months.   During this search, I’ve been fairly unhappy with my findings. I’ve seen the shop front design that amazed my eyes, thanks to the contractor. Everything I’ve looked at seems to be windows specific or incredibly overpriced for… Read More »