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How to: Create A Social Network that isn’t fucked up…

Ello is this talk of the internet right now.  A new social network, that doesn’t ask for, nor collects personal information.  Every few months a new “Facebook-killer” pops up… but the ones that seem to get attention are the ones that specifically target all of the media published controversy surrounding facebook. Why Ello is Flawed?… Read More »

Introducing Shafe’s Picks

As some of you regulars have noticed, I’ve cut back on some of the posts on the odd and interesting things that people are trying to sell on the internet. But fear not, I’ve been compiling these and making a comprehensive list of these oddities. With that, I’m happy to introduce Shafe’s Picks.  A site… Read More »

Top 10 Best Of 2010

Here is a short compilation of the top 10 favorite posts here.  These are based on a combined rating of the most shared posts here as well as my favorites: 20/20 Piece About Heavy Metal From The 80s. This is hilarious.  A real piece of investigative reporting from 20/20. Top 5 Flash Mobs A great… Read More »