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Install ISPConfig on Debian Quickly

I have a client who routinely deploys cloud servers and they like ISPConfig installed to serve as a hosting control panel. ISPConfig is great for your average customer to manage their server or even for a small hosting company to manage their servers. It is a cost effective alternative to commercial solutions like Plesk and… Read More »

Twitter Reacts To Facebook Upgrades.

This evening Facebook rolled out the latest in their upgrades.  Ever since Google Plus launched a few months ago Facebook has been rushing updates out the door, almost twice a week.  While we all know that people hate change and will complain about any change to anything they are used to, but CONSTANT change may… Read More »

12 Tips To Help You Communicate With Your Developers

I Don’t usually blog just to reproduce another thing I already saw, hense the slowness in new post. But I keep going back to this one.. It could be because I haven’t slept in two days or maybe I keep going back because it’s perfect… The article was here: http://blogs.sitepoint.com/12-tips-for-better-developer-communication/ I’ll Feel bad for reprinting… Read More »

Yahoo Branding Fail

The brand managers at Yahoo are genius… (sarcasm). I just got an email from Yahoo that started out like this: Dear Yahoo! Calendar and Yahoo! Notepad Customer, Yahoo! Calendar Beta will soon be renamed “All-New Yahoo! Calendar,” and Yahoo! Notepad Beta will soon be renamed “All-New Yahoo! Notepad.”…. Seems worthy of a mass email, don’t… Read More »

Bad Translations

A friend of mine bought an ipod clone online. He got it from http://www.mp3playerbuying.com (which isn’t loading for me now).. The place was in china. The paypal account he paid to was a US account from a different company, the confirmation came from yet a different company and it was shipped from yet another company.… Read More »