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Install ISPConfig on Debian Quickly

I have a client who routinely deploys cloud servers and they like ISPConfig installed to serve as a hosting control panel. ISPConfig is great for your average customer to manage their server or even for a small hosting company to manage their servers. It is a cost effective alternative to commercial solutions like Plesk and… Read More »

Compiling Darwin Streaming Server 6.0.3 Under Debian.

This post is out of date! An Updated post with a new script is here: http://shafe.n5net.com/2013/01/09/compiling-darwin-streaming-server-6-0-3-under-debian-updated/ I was recently tasked with a Linux install of Darwin Streaming Server on a Debian server. Unfortunately for me Apple stopped making Windows and Linux builds of DSS when version 6.0 was released. After a lot of failed attempts at… Read More »