Time Tracking

By | November 9, 2014

A number of times clients ask how I track my time.  And each time I have to explain that I built some software specifically to meet my needs.    The software is a continual work in progress, the codebase is ancient and I hate working with it, although I still actively use it to track my time.   But, for those who are wondering here is a quick demo of what we use here at TNL Total Solutions.

I’m also going to make it available for download.  Just keep in mind, this was never intended for public consumption, some buttons don’t do anything, there are annoying bugs that no one has gotten around to fixing and there is no documentation.  The demo above does explain how everything works (mostly).   Nonetheless, here is a copy of the current build for you to check out.

Download Link: Download TimeTrac v1.6


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