Layeredtech Datacenter Migration Followup

By | October 11, 2009

Just wanted to follow up on my recent post “Layeredtech – The worst migration plan ever”.  After a bit of thought I decided to call up and go the upgrade route.  I searched through my email to find my account manager’s contact information and called up and got right through.  My account manager Hallie, was awesome and very helpful.  Unfortunately, Layeredtech was sold out of so many servers, pretty much everything in my price range.  The nearest upgrade was significantly more, and it still seemed as if I would be paying for two servers for at least a month each.

I was okay with that, so long as I could make the migration as smooth as possible.   I had a ticket open that was awaiting me to specify what date would be best to physically move my hardware if I decided not to go the upgrade route and I had until the end of September (2 weeks) to respond.    I decided to wait until the last minute to see if any of the servers in my price range would become available, at the end, none did.  It seemed awfully convenient to me that all the the mid priced servers where sold out during this ‘migration’.    I felt a bit like if I wanted to avoid downtime, I’d have to commit to a significantly higher priced server, instead of upgrading to something more in my current price range.

Regardless, the move went smooth.  I had to spend a good part of the afternoon updating DNS tables and manually reconfiguring a handful of apps to use the new IP addresses, but for the most part everything went smooth, the server came back online at it’s new IP address when I was told it would (Actually a bit earlier than I was told).   Latency at the new datacenter seems to be significantly improved.  All and all downtime was about 4 hours for the move, and a bit longer for DNS to update.  Not terribly stressful aside from the downtime.   Luckily, I don’t have anything too mission critical hosted on there.

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