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About Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer started writing software back in the days of the Dialup BBS. In 1991 he turned this into TNL Systems and started selling this software. He made about $20 every 6 months. In 1994 he started with IBM Corporation. Around 1997 he founded TNL Total Solutions and was able to take advantage of the boom which was only just beginning. During this time he worked for many fortune 500 companies and was involved in several dot com ventures. He was also owner of a web hosting company during this time and a short lived game hosting company. Presently Brian lives in Eugene, Oregon still operating TNL Total Solutions.

Joyland Wichita, KS

Here are a bunch of photos of my 2014 visit to Joyland, in Wichita, KS. “Joyland Amusement Park was an amusement park in Wichita, Kansas, United States. It was in continuous operation for 55 years, from June 12, 1949 to 2004, closing permanently in 2006. It was once the largest theme park in central Kansas and… Read More »

How to: Create A Social Network that isn’t fucked up…

Ello is this talk of the internet right now.  A new social network, that doesn’t ask for, nor collects personal information.  Every few months a new “Facebook-killer” pops up… but the ones that seem to get attention are the ones that specifically target all of the media published controversy surrounding facebook. Why Ello is Flawed?… Read More »

THE BREWERY DISTRICT Trailer: A story of a neighborhood turned tourist attraction

I’ve been filming/editing/researching this for several years… happy to finally come up with a trailer. Enjoy: This is a teaser for a documentary in the works about a neighborhood in Eugene, OR called the Whiteaker. The Brewery District is an upcoming documentary about the drastic changes to the Whiteaker neighborhood from 2011 through 2015. The… Read More »