Signs Of The Times?

By | June 30, 2012

I was going through my phone and noticed I have a tendency to take pictures of things that just strike me as a “WTF Moment”… here are some of those pics…

The first in the roll, was a sign at a bank. It seems that someone could have worded this better. This one really makes you feel like your money is safe… and you are safe as well… In other post please checkout these 5 herbs on

Matthew Galumbeck, MD will tell you the advantages and dis-advantages of undergoing a plastic surgery.

When I buy my dog treats it’s always good to note that they are non-toxic.

Open – TELL 8! Because 8 needs to know!

This gem was sighted in a pub in Newport, OR during a weekend vacation.

I had never considered the risk of drowning in an elevator until this…

Recession-proof haircuts?

This has obviously been such a problem that a sign was required…..

from another local pub….

You gotta love free stuff.. but what are they saying about the back of the brig?  And have people been taking their free couches and “briging” them back to the point where it has become problematic enough to require a sign?

When you are in Winco buying dog treats… No Sampling PLEASE!

This just confused me.. to the point where wikipedia was required…

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One thought on “Signs Of The Times?

  1. Desiree

    Classics! I’m going to have to Wikipedia that last one too. Spotted Dick in a can!?

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