Help Mom, There are liberals under the bed!

By | February 15, 2011

Kids Book???

In case you missed this monstrosity, I present to you Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed! Kill me now….

From the description on

This full-color illustrated book is a fun way for parents to teach young children the valuable lessons of conservatism. Written in simple text, readers can follow along with Tommy and Lou as they open a lemonade stand to earn money for a swing set. But when liberals start demanding that Tommy and Lou pay half their money in taxes, take down their picture of Jesus, and serve broccoli with every glass of lemonade, the young brothers experience the downside to living in Liberaland.

From the Publisher

Would you let your child read blatantly liberal stories with titles such as “King & King;” “No, George, No;” or “It’s Just a Plant?” Unless you live in Haight-Ashbury or write for the New York Times, probably not. But with the nation’s libraries and classrooms filled with overtly liberal children’s books advocating everything from gay marriage to marijuana use, kids everywhere are being deluged with left-wing propaganda. “Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed” is the book conservative parents have been seeking. This illustrated book — the first in the “Help! Mom!” series from Kids Ahead — is perfect for parents who seek to share their traditional values with their children, as well as adults who wish to give a humorous gift to a friend. Praised by Rush Limbaugh and hailed as “the answer to a baseball mom’s prayers” by talk radio host Melanie Morgan, this book has already been the subject of coverage in The Wall Street Journal and Harper’s magazine. Written by a self-proclaimed “Security Mom for Bush” and featuring hilarious full-color illustrations by a Reuben Award winning artist, it is certain to be one of the most talked about children’s books of the year.

— UnSnip —

Be sure to click to have a look inside the cover and read a few pages. Anyone else think this is supposed to be a joke, or seriously for kids?

Katherine Debrecht has more recently graced us with another fine literary work called Help Mom, Radicals Are Ruining My Country..   The description reads:

“A hilarious and entertaining way for parents to sit down with their children and teach them the origins of the new Tea Party movement and the importance of standing up for liberty and the American Dream.Follow Tommy and Lou as they struggle to keep their swing set business afloat despite 246 czars, onerous regulations and sky-high taxes in these troubling times. Will Tommy and Lou finally decide to join the other kids on the corner in standing up for freedom or will they continue to fear being vilified by the press and demeaned by Marxus Obundus (“the One”)? ”

Unfortunately even the publisher has pulled this one from their website making it difficult to make fun of.

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