Top 10 Best Of 2010

By | January 3, 2011

Here is a short compilation of the top 10 favorite posts here.  These are based on a combined rating of the most shared posts here as well as my favorites:

20/20 Piece About Heavy Metal From The 80s.
This is hilarious.  A real piece of investigative reporting from 20/20.

Top 5 Flash Mobs
A great collection of the best flash mob videos found on the net.

New Puppy
This is a video of the puppy I had just aquired, I’ve had her for just about a year now.  A stray that no one would claim… Awesome!

Top Offbeat Vacation Spots
A collection of places I’d like to visit that aren’t quite on the beaten path.
Part 1 | Part 2

Bad Tranlations

A friend of mine bought one of those ipod knockoffs from China.  This is a scan of the instructions.  <sarcasm>The english is amazing</sarcasm>

My Summer Working On A Web Series
A cool little writeup with a video about working on a pretty hardcore video production

Bohemia Ghost Town
A little low-down on the local ghost town, along with a video exploring the ruins.

The video attached to this post has become quite popular.  This is a full review of an E-Cigarette.

Advice on Brewing Your Own Beer
This guide explains what style of music must be played based on what style beer you are brewing.  This is a very important post.

My Battle With The Local FOX Affiliate
This post explains a little hack war I had with the local FOX affiliate when they dropped my favorite star trek show.  It’s a re-post that is over a decade old, but still makes me laugh.

There you have it.  My picks from here from 2010.
Have a great new year!

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