iPhone App: Check Your Servers With Net Status

By | May 24, 2010

If your like me and manage a multitude of servers, this app maybe one of the handiest things in the world.  Net Status is a FREE service monitor that will check your servers and the services running on them to be sure they are all up and running. This handy app checks most popular services and does so quickly, the speed in which Net Status executes its check is consistent even if a service fails.    You can add as many hosts as you would like; I have about a dozen setup on my phone.  You can also configure it to check each host right when you load the app.   If a host is completely down, it’ll move to the top of the list and turn red, if only some services are down, it will turn yellow.   You can touch any specific host for a wealth of information.   The following video gives a quick look on how it works.

If you manage more than one server this free app is a must have.  Highly recommended!

From the Net Status Homepage

“Using Net Status™ you can get a fast glimpse of what is happening now with your hosts, routers and other network devices connected to the Internet or LAN.Net Status™ checks network services your hosts run for availability and present the information in a convenient way aiming at providing a faster way to diagnose network problems. With Net Status™ you can quickly and easily determine which hosts and services are down from your monitoring list.Network probes are performed using asynchronous algorithms that allow Net Status™ to operate quite fast – a host with quite a lot of running services is checked within fractions of a second. Even problematic hosts don’t slow down the check process for a time much longer than a timeout you specify.”


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