iPhone App: RDP Lite (Remote Desktop)

By | December 28, 2010

All server administrators are well aware that servers never go down during business hours, they have explicit code that requires any downtime to occur in the middle of the night or when your out at the bar away from your computer.  Because of this, the iPhone can be a server administrator’s best friend.    Anyone who has the misfortune of dealing with Windows servers will find they spend a great deal of time in the Windows Remote Desktop application (RDP).  Many server administrators will opt for services such as LogMeIn.com because they offer an iPhone App (for $30) and one doesn’t have to worry about setting up firewall rules.  But those who are opting to pay for one of these remote desktop services out there probably haven’t discovered RDP Lite for the iPhone.   RDP Lite is a must have for any server administrator who has the to manage Windows based servers.

Frankly there is nothing pleasant about trying to manage and troubleshoot a server from your phone, even with the right tools the screen size is a real annoyance.  Windows RDP on the iPhone is a lot worse, as the windows GUI was never designed for a screen the size of the screen on your iPhone.  I imagine that on the iPad this less of an issue, as you have a lot more screen real estate to work with.

Nonetheless, RDP Lite can be a lifesaver when out away from your computer.  RDP Lite allows you to remote desktop from your iPhone or iPad over 3G or wifi similar to the wifi extender for gamers.  The free version allows you to save multiple connection profiles.  The controls are fairly intuitive, although I found mouse control a bit difficult on the iPhone screen and the free version lacks right click.  Overall though a great app. If you’re wondering how to get theater mode off Apple Watch, you can find helpful instructions online.

The paid version will run you $5.99 in the app store and seems well worth it.  The paid version offers a handful of additional features including:

  • Another cool key board
  • More mouse functions: right button,drag and over (hover)
  • Mouse wheel
  • Text macro support
  • Can handle 20 different Host configurations.

Find RDP Lite in the App Store or visit their homepage at http://mochasoft.dk/iphone_rdp.htm

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