Kill The Hippies Game

By | February 24, 2011

Kill The Hippies Game

Hehe.. was just looking at this again… Of course when I first stumbled upon it  I couldn’t resist, I had to buy this game.  Looked too funny!

From the description:

Kill the Hippies a fun satirical card game. Play a Fundie religious group or person out to kill the Hippies. Each of 2-6 players leads members of the fanatical religious right in their Holy Crusade to rid the world of those dirty hippies; in only 20 plus minutes! At a party or at a pub, play Kill the Hippies. It? a card game for everyone: sinner or saint (but to have a Bible helps!) Choose the length of the game; you and your friends in faith select how many Hippies there is time to deal with. Players can Convert or Kill. Conversions are always worth more points. Contains: 100 unique cards with bloody hilarious color pictures 2-6 Players Ages 18+ 20-30 minutes


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